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With all of the various forms of cannabis that can be purchased at a dispensary, there is a lot of relevant product information one has to digest when choosing what to buy. King’s Crew is proud to have a team of staff that are passionate about sharing cannabis education. We understand that cannabis is a complex plant, and can be tricky to navigate for those who are unfamiliar.

At King’s Crew, we appreciate that everyone is coming to us with varying levels of experience and comfort using cannabis. We know that cannabis affects each person differently, so we meet each customer at their current level of understanding to ascertain what type of assistance they need. Cannabis education is fundamental to using cannabis effectively, especially in understanding how to use a particular product correctly, how much to use and how often to use it.

To make sure our customers are equipped with this information when they leave, King’s Crew staff ask essential questions to help guide them to the products that are best suited to their needs or desires. We place great importance on providing as much information as possible about each product to any of our customers, to allow them to make an informed purchasing decision

By sharing product knowledge and being transparent about how cannabis works, we increase the likelihood of our customers having safe, positive experiences, which in turn will earn their trust and business.