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Cannabis Edibles in Long Beach, CA

Cannabis Edibles in Long Beach, CA

Of the many types of products on a dispensary menu, cannabis edibles are some of the most popular. People love edibles like THC chocolate and weed gummies because this is a delicious way to get cannabinoids without smoking or inhaling anything. Whether you’re interested in smokeless cannabis for health reasons or you just want something that will taste great, you’re likely to appreciate cannabis edibles. We offer a large selection of edibles here at our dispensary in Long Beach, which means there are all kinds of different flavors and textures for you to choose from.

How Do Cannabis Edibles Work?

One of the first things you should know about edibles is that they aren’t quite like most other cannabis products. When you smoke a joint or puff on a weed vape, the cannabinoids will almost immediately reach your bloodstream. This isn’t the case with edibles, though, and it’s important to know what to expect. The experience of eating an edible compared to smoking marijuana goes way deeper than whether you choose an indica strain, sativa strain, or hybrid strain.

When you eat a cannabis edible, it will go through your digestive system, which will process the cannabinoids. Having the cannabinoids processed by your digestive system instead of your lungs leads to a significantly different experience. Some people say that edibles make them feel different than other cannabis products, and the most noticeable difference relates to how long cannabis edibles take to kick in.

How Long for Edibles to Kick In?

The number one rule we hear people say for cannabis edibles is “start low and go slow.” In other words, start with a small serving size and give it plenty of time before you consume any more. This is because it takes a lot longer for cannabis to be processed by your digestive system than it does to get processed by your lungs. While smoking or vaping cannabis will cause it to kick in almost immediately, you’ll have to wait a while after you eat an edible.

Most people say cannabis edibles kick in after about one hour, though people with slower metabolisms say it often takes closer to two hours. This also depends on a variety of other factors like how much you’ve had to eat recently. If you eat a cannabis edible on an empty stomach, it may kick in more quickly, while eating a cannabis edible on a full stomach might require more time. 

Since the amount of time may vary by person and even by day, give yourself at least a couple of hours to determine how you feel. Some people get impatient and eat another cannabis edible before the first one has had enough time to kick in. This can lead to negative experiences like feeling uncomfortably high. 

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Once the cannabis edibles do kick in, the feelings are also likely to last a little bit longer than they would if you had consumed the cannabinoids in some other way. Many of the customers who visit our dispensary in Long Beach say that edibles affect them more than any other type of cannabis and that the effects of edibles seem to last for a long time. This all has to do with the cannabinoids being processed by your digestive system instead of going through your lungs. The intensity and duration of your effects will also depend on how much you consume. Most people consider 10mg of THC to be a good serving size of cannabis edibles, though this amount will vary for everyone. Learn more about edibles dosage.

Understanding Cannabis Edible Labels

When you buy cannabis edibles in Long Beach, you should make sure you understand the label. Unlike homemade edibles, professional cannabis edibles should contain exact amounts of cannabinoids and be thoroughly tested. The label will contain information about exactly how much CBD is in the edibles and how long they should last before starting to get stale. Reading the label will make it easy to tell exactly how much THC you’re getting.

Types of Cannabis Edibles

We offer a variety of different cannabis edibles at our Long Beach dispensary. Some of the most popular items include weed gummies and chocolates, but it’s best to know all of your options so you can find the thing that appeals to you most. Consider all of the following:

  • Cannabis Gummies
  • Cannabis Chocolates
  • Cannabis Drinks
  • Cannabis Capsules and Tablets
  • Cannabis Chews
  • Cannabis Lozenges

Cannabis Edibles in Long Beach, CA

Here at King’s Crew in Long beach, we’re your local source for cannabis edibles in Long Beach. We have a massive selection on our dispensary menu, which means you’ll never run out of fun new products to try. Check the edibles on our dispensary menu to place an order today!

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