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Edibles for Beginners: A Delicious Deep Dive

Edibles for Beginners: A Delicious Deep Dive

Welcome to Edibles for Beginners! We’re so glad you’re here. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about edibles, including what they are, types of edibles, dosing, effects, benefits, and more. We know that edibles can seem daunting at first, but the key to the edible kingdom is knowledge, and we’re about to drop all the knowledge you’ll ever need to stare that edible in the face, pick it up, and take a bite without fear.

So let’s get started!

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are cannabis infused foods, drinks, and other products. Edible cannabis products are a great way to consume cannabis without smoking it. This includes yummy staples like gummies, brownies and cookies. Cannabis infused seltzers, syrups, beers, and wines are also considered edibles and a great way to get your drink on. Under this broad definition, tinctures, pills, and tablets are also edible ways of consuming cannabis.

When you eat or drink edibles, your body processes THC differently than when you smoke cannabis. This is because when you smoke cannabis, THC goes directly from your lungs to your bloodstream and then to your brain. When you eat edibles, your liver processes the THC before it goes to your bloodstream and then to your brain. This process takes longer, which is why edibles can take up to two hours to kick in.

Full spectrum edibles contain the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant used to make them. But some edibles use formulations, particularly pills or capsules, that focus on certain cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, or THCa for effect-specific applications.

Though smoking cannabis offers an instant high, edibles provide a more prolonged experience. In addition, they are often more potent than smoked cannabis, so starting with a low dose is essential.

Why Are Edibles More Potent?

Eating or drinking our weed passes through our gastrointestinal system to our liver, which metabolizes THC into a more potent compound: 11-hydroxy-THC. 11-hydroxy-THC slaps hard, with a long-lasting high that settles deep in the body. Edibles also have a much longer onset time than smoking. These two facts are the source of every hairball edible horror story you have ever heard. They all go something like this:

The guy on vacation eats an edible. 30 minutes later, he feels nothing, so he eats another edible. Moments later, the first one kicks in, and it kicks in hard. Ooof. Then the second one hits on top of the first one — oh, no. Now the dude is strapped to Starship Edible on a journey through the galaxy of anxiety and paranoia, and he can’t escape it until that Starship comes down and lets him go. 

This person is not you. You are different. You are edibles savvy. And we’re going to make sure of it. Read on, edibles, friend!

How Are Weed Edibles Made?

Cannabis edibles are always made with the same loving care and devotion that your mom poured into those chocolate chips she used to bake you. Really. It’s the law. Google it.

Aside from all that devotion, there are a couple of ways to actually make cannabis edibles: with cannabis distillate or with cannabis infused butter or oils.

Most edibles on the dispensary shelf are made with distillate: Pure THC derived from solvents or other chemical processes to extract the THC from the cannabis plant. Some edibles are still made with full spectrum cannabis oils like cannabutter, but they’re few and far between.

The reason?

Distillate is quicker, cheaper, and more efficient. In addition, distillate is tasteless, so it can be added to edibles and drinks without adding that weedy taste. Distillate also enables the manufacturer to isolate different cannabinoids like CBD or CBN for effect-specific formulations. But it’s not all win. For example, with distillate, you lose the whole plant entourage effect you get with cannabutter or infused oil.

Butter and/or oil are used for cannabis edibles because cannabis is lipid soluble. This means that it doesn’t bind to water (You may have heard of that whole oil and water thing. They don’t mix!). But cannabis does bind to fat-soluble mediums like butter or coconut oil in what’s called an infusion. Cannabutter, cannabis coconut oil, and cannabis cooking oil are all examples of infusions used to make edibles.

Different Types of Edibles

The edible game has gone to a magical place never before seen in cannabis history. Step up to the counter of any licensed dispensary, and it’s like a game of Candyland for weed.

There are edibles in every shape, size, color, and consistency you can imagine: gummies, chocolates, hard candies, caramels, mints, truffles, you name it. They come as pills or capsules; tinctures that you drop under your tongue; drinks like water or sparkling water; and edibles that look like regular foods like chips, cookies, snacks, or even full meals.

How do you choose? Start by knowing your endgame. What are you looking for in an edible? If you’re unsure, here’s a rundown of the different types of edibles to help you make your decision.


Cannabis gummies are the tiny baby boss of cannabis edibles. Why? Because they’re rad, fun, and fruity and offer precise dosing that starts as low as 2.5 MG (Pssst. Perfect for the beginner.) They’re also discrete and portable. No one will give you a second look for popping a gummy on the bus. So give Kahna’s Blue Raspberry Gummies a try for a delicious and potent gummy experience.

Infused Sweets, Baked Goods And Chocolate

The sweet treats go on and on — weed brownies, cookies, and chocolate, all infused with cannabis oil or weed distillate. They also come in different strengths and are dose specific and portable. Oh yeah. Almost forgot. They’re also crazy delicious! Try Kiva’s Camino Sours Blackberry Dream Bar for a sophisticated take on the classic edibles experience.


Yes, mints. Keep your breath fresh and fly high at the same time. And you guessed it: precise dosing, odorless, and portability make them a winner. They’re also an excellent choice to avoid sugar or gluten. Kikoko’s Tablet Indica 10 Pack is a fun and flavorful way to mint your way to a good time.


Yes, you can drink your weed. There’s cannabis infused seltzer, beer, wine, syrup, and even powdered drink mix like some old-school kool aide — that’s extra cool. Cann and Keef are both excellent beverage choices. Pair them with your favorite munchie food for the perfect night in.


Yes, tinctures are edibles. But there’s a big difference between a tincture and the other edibles on this list: You take tinctures sublingually, which means it is absorbed by the thin membrane under your tongue directly into the bloodstream. This means a much faster onset than your standard edible. Usually around 20 minutes. Sweet!

Capsules And Pills

Capsules and pills  are probably the most cost-effective, precise, portable, and convenient ways to consume cannabis. They are also vital in delivering the high doses required to treat some medical conditions. ABX makes a wide variety to meet every need.

As you can see, edibles come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, knowing what you want before taking the plunge into weed edibles is important.

What are the Benefits of Edibles?

We’ve covered a lot of this in passing, but let’s get down to it, review what we’ve learned, and maybe pick up a couple more facts about edibles that we don’t know yet. 

Edibles Are A Healthy Alternative To Smoking

Burning plants and inhaling hot smoke, resins, and toxins is not a good strategy for long-term respiratory health. While we don’t put cannabis in the same “this stuff will kill you” box as tobacco, any airway inflammation is a risk.

Edibles Have Precise Dosing 

When you puff that blunt or joint, rip that bong, or hit that wax rig, you have no idea what your dosage is. But, with edibles, you always know precisely your dosage, so you know exactly what to eat or drink to get to your happy place.

Edibles Are Discrete And Portable

You can’t light up a joint just anywhere. Take it from us; you don’t want to learn this the hard way. Edibles are inconspicuous and can be consumed in any setting, which is great because they’re also portable and convenient. It’s almost like they were designed that way on purpose… Hmmm.

Edibles Have A Longer Lasting High

Edibles may take as long as 90 minutes to kick in, but the high is more sustained and may last as long as 4-6 hours. This is because edibles are metabolized by the liver, which produces a second psychoactive compound, 11-hydroxy-THC.

Edibles Offer Medical Benefits

Smoking cannabis relieves conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. But edibles offer more sustained symptom relief with fewer side effects like dry mouth and bloodshot eyes. This is especially beneficial for those who need to medicate during the day.

Edibles Are Fun!

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but edibles are just plain fun. There’s nothing quite like indulging in your favorite food or drink while enjoying a nice high.

Edible Dosage & Effects

Effective cannabis use always comes down to consuming the correct dose for the desired effect. Finding your perfect dose may take trial and error, but edibles make it easy to start.

How To Dose Edibles

The average adult dose of edibles is 10-15 milligrams (mg) of THC. We recommend starting with a low dose of just 2.5 mg for first-time users to see how you react. If you don’t feel anything after an hour, try consuming another small dose. Remember, edibles can take up to 90 minutes to kick in, so be patient!

If you find that edible products make you feel anxious or paranoid, you may be taking too high of a dose. Try reducing your dosage the next time you medicate and see how that goes. On the other hand, if edibles don’t seem to do much for you, try increasing your dose by small increments until you find your sweet spot.

Most edibles will be pre-packaged with a recommended serving size and cut into uniform doses, making it easy to know how much you’re consuming. However, homemade edibles can be tricky to know the proper dosage as it’s not an exact science (so consume at your own risk!). If you’re unsure about the THC content of a particular edible, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and go for a smaller dose.

Effects Of Eating Edibles

Not every cannabis edible is created equal. Liquid edibles are different than edibles that are solid food items. Edibles high in fat (like edibles made with butter or oils) will take longer to kick in than edibles that aren’t, but the effects will also last longer.

On the other hand, edibles that contain citric acid (like gummies or hard candies) will take effect more quickly, but the high will also wear off more quickly.

Regarding edibles, there are two main effects: mind-altering and body-altering.

  • Mind-altering effects are what most people think of when they think of being “high.” These effects can include changes in mood, perception, and behavior.
  • Body-altering effects cause changes in the body, like increased heart rate and appetite. These effects are usually less noticeable than mind-altering effects, but they can still be enjoyable.

The type of effect you experience will depend on the type of edibles you consume as well as your individual physiology. Because there’s no way to know how edibles will affect you until you try them, it’s always best to start with a low dose and go slow.

What Should I Know Before Taking An Edible?

Consider this your checklist before edible takeoff:

Start Low, Go Slow, And Be Patient

This is the Golden Rule. Got it? Good!

Don’t Mix Edibles With Alcohol

Mixing cannabis with alcohol is called the crossfade. We don’t recommend it for edibles and definitely not for beginners. 

Read The Packaging

Dosing can be tricky. Make sure you understand the instructions and know exactly what you’re taking. The difference between 5 MG and 10MG is a big one. And if you mistake 100 for 10, yikes! It’s Starship Edible Time.

Eat A Meal Beforehand

The edibles will hit you harder and faster if you eat on an empty stomach. So a good meal will keep the edible’s effects gradual and consistent, and it might help curb those munchies later!

Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated helps your body process the edibles more efficiently and can help prevent dehydration, which can intensify the effects of cannabis.

Create A Comfortable Setting

If you’re not in a good place mentally or physically, edibles will amplify that. So if you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or just not in a good headspace, edibles might not be the best idea. Instead, find a chill place to relax before indulging.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings And Company

You might feel great, but edibles can make you more susceptible to outside stimuli. Also, if you’re not in a comfortable or safe place, edibles can intensify that feeling. So be sure to medicate in a safe, familiar environment with people you trust.

Have A Plan If You Overshoot The Mark

You’re now informed and have the power to prevent this from happening, but in case it does occur, remember that no one has ever fatally overdosed on weed. Taking deep breaths will help you come down; additionally, keeping a CBD tincture close by may do the trick in terms of making you feel more relaxed.

Remember, this is a fun time! Take it slow, be safe, and enjoy the experience! Edibles are a delicious way to medicate, so savor every moment.

Best Edibles for Beginners

We’re not here to judge what you like, whether it’s baked goods or drinks. You do you. But we are here to help you find what is best for you as a beginner. So without further ado, here are our top picks for edibles for beginners:

Baked Goods

Brownies, cookies, and cakes are some of the most popular edibles on the market. They’re also easy to dose because they’re usually cut into squares or pieces. Just be careful not to eat too much!


If you want to avoid the sugar high that comes with edibles, opt for a cannabis-infused beverage instead. There are many options on the market, from teas and coffees to juices and sodas. Just be sure to check the label, so you know how much THC is in each drink.


If you want to avoid the taste of cannabis altogether, capsules are a good option. These edibles are made with an oil or powder infused with THC. They’re easy to take and offer a consistent dose each time.


Gummies are one of the most popular types of edibles because they’re delicious and easy to eat. Just be careful not to eat too many at once! Instead, start with one or two and see how you feel before consuming more.

Eating cannabis isn’t a new concept, but all these new cannabis products offer a fun and delicious way to consume it. We hope this part of our cannabis education has helped you feel more confident in picking your own edibles.

Beginners Guide to Edibles FAQ

How Many Edibles Should I Eat?

As a general rule of thumb, start with one or two edibles and see how you feel. The effects of edibles can take up to two hours to kick in, so patience is essential. Don’t eat anymore until you know how the first dose has affected you.

How Many Milligrams Should I Eat?

Again, start with a low dose of 2.5-5 mg and see how you feel. The effects of edibles can vary depending on your tolerance, weight, and metabolism. If low doses don’t give you your desired effects, continue to increase in small increments.

What Do I Do If I Ate Too Many Edibles?

If you ate too many edibles and are feeling anxious or paranoid, try to find a calm place to sit or lie down. Drink plenty of water and take deep breaths. The effects will eventually wear off, but it may take a few hours. If you’re still feeling uneasy, consider taking some CBD.

How Long Does Cannabis Infused Food Last?

Cannabis infused food can last for up to six months if stored in a cool, dark place. But edibles are best consumed within two weeks of being made. This is because THC and other cannabinoids will begin to degrade over time.

Find the Perfect Edible with King’s Crew

We hope this beginner’s guide to edibles has been helpful! If you’re looking for more information or want to find the perfect edible for your needs, drop by! We’d love to help curate the perfect edible experience for you. Don’t feel like moving? View our online menu for information on each edible we carry. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered!

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