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Exploring the Green Crack Strain

Green Crack is an essential strain in California cannabis, and for good reason. Its uplifting cerebral high is just the match for anyone who loves to get their day started with a good wake-and-bake. Learn the ins and outs of the Green Crack strain, including its genetic lineage, similar strains and which Green Crack products you can buy from King’s Crew in Long Beach and Corona.

Green Crack Strain 101

Is the Green Crack strain right for you? The best way to tell is to learn the ins and outs of this strain, from the cannabinoids it contains to the effects it’s purported to have.

Green Crack Genetics

The Green Crack strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid. It’s believed that Skunk #1 was bred with an unknown indica to create this strain, resulting in flower with an approximate breakdown of 65% sativa genetics and 35% indica genetics.

Green Crack Appearance

You can expect small, clustered buds with this Green Crack strain. Muted greens and yellows are prominent, with red-brown pistils standing out against the flower’s lighter, paler colors. The buds are also trichome-rich, so you’ll notice a whitish shimmer throughout the flower.

Potency and Cannabinoid Content

Green Crack is relatively low in THC when compared to other strains. The average cannabinoid content is around 17%, but you can expect lower or higher amounts depending on the harvest or the cultivator. This strain contains an average of 1% Cannabigerol (CBG), a minor cannabinoid celebrated for its stress-busting, pain-relieving properties. Green Crack also contains small amounts of THCV and CBD.

The Greek Crack Strain Terpene Profile

Myrcene is the dominant terpene in the Green Crack strain. Abundant in hops and mangoes, myrcene lends an earthy and spicy scent and flavor to the flower. It’s also believed to have a sedating effect and may play a role in alleviating chronic pain.

Additional terpenes in Green Crack include Caryophyllene and Pinene. Caryophyllene, which also has spicy notes, is associated with pain relief, while pinene and its fresh woodsy scent contribute to relaxation, among other potential medicinal effects.

This terpene trio supports Green Crack’s overall citrusy and earthy aroma and flavor profile.

How Does The Green Crack Strain Make You Feel?

Californians absolutely love Green Crack for its notable cerebral high. Customers say you can expect an elevated mood, enhanced focus and even a boost of energy when Green Crack is in your routine. If you like to enjoy a joint before you take on the day, the Green Crack strain should be at the top of your list of strains to try.

Does Green Crack Have Side Effects?

All cannabis strains, including Green Crack, can cause some minor side effects, like dry mouth or dry eyes. For those more sensitive to THC, too much of the Green Crack strain can cause some anxiety. The strain has also been reported to have an appetite-suppressing effect in some folks.

The best way to mitigate these effects is to take it slow and monitor how you feel as you go. Being a conscious cannabis consumer goes a long way in ensuring you have a great experience. 

What Medical Cannabis Patients Say About Green Crack

Green Crack’s head high makes it a favorite among patients, who can consume this strain to alleviate symptoms and side effects without clouding their minds. Patients say that this strain may be helpful for those experiencing anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It’s also cited by those with ADHD or chronic fatigue syndrome as an effective strain to help with focus and energy, ideal for tackling the day’s to-do list. 

One reviewer on Allbud said the Green Crack strain “works wonders for my ADHD and bipolar,” while another patient, who is diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis, said Green Crack “makes you feel focused but… calm, but with energy. [It’s a] great daytime medicine.”

3 Strains Similar to Green Crack

If Green Crack isn’t available when you head to the dispensary, you have several options that can support a similar experience. These energetic strains can provide an experience similar to Green Crack:

  • Lemon Ice: This Sativa-leaning strain has a similar terpene profile and cannabinoid profile to Green Crack, with an average THC content of around 17% and significant amounts of myrcene.
  • Kona Gold: A Hawaiian native, this strain shares a similar terpene and cannabinoid profile to Green Crack. You can expect an average THC content of around 17%, an average CBG content of about 1% and a myrcene-dominant terpene profile. 
  • Durban Poison: This classic sativa offers many of the same effects as Green Crack, including its famed energy boost.

Shop Green Crack at King’s Crew

Located on the iconic and picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, King’s Crew brings quality cannabis products to patients and cannabis enthusiasts throughout the Long Beach area. 

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Is The Green Crack Strain Indica or Sativa?

Green Crack is technically a hybrid strain, but it’s associated with “sativa” effects like focus and energy. However, it’s important to note that “sativa” and “indica” alone aren’t terms that wholly describe how a strain may make you feel. The strain’s cannabinoid and terpene content are better indicators of the experience you can expect to have when trying any strain, including Green Crack.

Is The Green Crack Strain Good?

Yes — if we may say so ourselves! Green Crack is a best-seller in dispensaries across California, including at King’s Crew, because of its energizing cerebral high. 

What Are Other Names For Green Crack?

Green Crack is sometimes called Mango Crack or Green Crush. It also used to be called “Cush” before it was renamed to Green Crack. Legend has it that the name change was inspired by none other than Long Beach native Snoop Dogg.

Why Is Green Crack So Strong?

Green Crack’s intense head high drives its reputation. It may not contain exorbitantly high amounts of THC, but its cerebral properties and energizing effects certainly have an impact.

Does Green Crack Make You Anxious?

The Green Crack strain may contain lower amounts of THC than other strains on the dispensary shelf, but that doesn’t mean it can’t cause anxiety. The intense head high may also cause anxiety for some folks. Be cognizant as you try this strain, and go slow with any Green Crack product. 

You should also note the type of Green Crack product you’re trying. For example, you may be more sensitive to edibles, or you may have a Green Crack vape that contains concentrated amounts of THC, especially when compared to flower or pre-rolls of the same strain.

Does Green Crack Make You Giggly?

You can expect a good old-fashioned laugh fest when you try Green Crack.

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