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Magic Melon Strain

Magic Melon Strain

Magic Melon is a sativa-leaning hybrid hailing from the top-rated trio of strains Mango Trees, Mango Sherbert, and Honeydew Melon. Crafted by the Humboldt Seed Company, Magic Melon is every bit as tropical and fruity as its name suggests – and beyond its fantastic flavor, this THC-rich strain also delivers an exceptional cannabis experience. 

With an average THC potency hovering around 21%, and effects that consumers describe as both mind- and body-centered, the Magic Melon strain can be an outstanding addition to your list of favorites.

Magic Melon Strain Effects

The effects of the Magic Melon strain are often summarized as powerfully euphoric, with many consumers saying they feel this strain slightly more in their mind than they do in their body. Aside from feelings of euphoria, Magic Melon effects are also said to include relaxation, focus, energy, and stress relief. 

Physically, you might notice a tingling sensation spread throughout your body, as discomfort gently fades away. Most Magic Melon consumers say that although they feel pleasantly calm, they still have plenty of energy and motivation to tackle anything from everyday chores to creative pursuits. 

For medical marijuana patients, Magic Melon is sometimes selected as a strain for body discomfort, stress, or a down feeling. Because Magic Melon is purported to support improved moods, there are MMJ patients that consider it among their go-to strains for mental wellbeing. 

Magic Melon is frequently favored as a daytime cannabis strain, especially for the seasoned consumer that wants an enjoyable energy boost to power through a busy day.

Keep in mind that the THC level of Magic Melon is relatively high, so inexperienced consumers may want to proceed with caution. If you are particularly sensitive to THC or are simply new to cannabis in general, start slowly when introducing Magic Melon to your cannabis journey.

Magic Melon Reported Flavors

Based on its name alone, you can probably make a fairly accurate guess as to the flavor of the Magic Melon strain. 

The aroma boasts distinct notes of cantaloupe and watermelon, which is beautifully complemented by a fresh, tropical fruit flavor that might just transport you to a lush island paradise. Magic Melon has delicious elements of mango, strawberry, and melon, leaning towards the sweeter side while still maintaining a subtle hint of earthiness and diesel.

Magic Melon Terpenes

The terpenes in Magic Melon include limonene (the most abundant by far), myrcene, and caryophyllene. Limonene is a citrus-scented terpene that is commonly associated with stress relief, so it makes sense that it is abundant in the Magic Melon strain.

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Magic Melon Strain

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