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Strain Overview: Banjo Cannabis Strain

Strain Overview: Banjo Cannabis Strain

There are many exquisite strains available that represent the entire spectrum of cannabis experience. We at King’s Crew carry high-quality flower with a royal in-store experience. As Long Beach’s finest dispensary, we want to keep you informed about any product you are interested in, whether it is sativa, indica, or hybrid. We pride ourselves on our cannabis and our incredibly luxurious vape pens. 

One strain we carry in-store besides our Gold Flora line is Banjo by Pacific Stone. Banjo is a hybrid strain that pulls the strings. 

What Is Banjo Strain?

Banjo has musically balanced elements as a hybrid strain. Hybrids aren’t always a 50-50 blend, but Banjo has an equilibrium of sativa and indica. It is fantastic for a later daytime adventure or winding down into a bubble bath with some soundscapes. 

Banjo is a cross between the parent strains of Boost and Tangelo. This mix gives Banjo a tangier flavor palette and pungent aroma profile. The THC level is higher, as it ranges between 18-28% THC with little to no CBD to mellow it out. The strain average is around 26%, so it isn’t a strain for beginners. 

The flower itself is large with a dense, indica-like core. The color is a vivid lime with wisps of orange, waxing tropical. There are tons of snowy trichomes too, so make sure to grind it well. Growing Banjo takes a process of 8 to 9 weeks and is remarkably pungent. Most people will say it smells cheesy and lightly gasoline-like, so it takes getting used to. Upon grinding, it can be bitter or skunky with a sour taste. It is as tangy as it is twangy. 

What Effects Does Banjo Give You?

Banjo is celebrated for its balanced and multifaceted sensations it offers. It is described as entertaining, stimulating, and perfect for mood-enhancing. Banjos are melismatic and grassroots-invoking and that is the milieu Banjo carries with it. 

It doesn’t take long to set in after enjoying. People describe a nearly immediate tangible effect in the temples, a cerebrally stimulating buzz, and a willingness to share thoughts with others. Banjo can make you feel talkative and makes your thoughts seem intense and explorative. This makes it comfortable for brainstorming and creative sessions with friends. After a while, the scales tip into a calmer and more placid sensation. A mental awareness sets in that allows for focus and a loungey, atmospheric appreciation for your surroundings. Brainstorming is still possible, but the energy diminishes into a thoughtful and therapeutic miasma. Focus is key and relaxation is at the forefront. This is why it is recommended for afternoon or evening, but you can still be sociable. 

Is Banjo Stain Available at King’s Crew?

Long-lasting, floaty, and cerebral, Banjo is a wonderfully layered hybrid strain that is hard to find but is a gem when available. Long Beach’s premier cannabis dispensary King’s Crew offers Banjo in an ounce package from Pacific Stone. 28 grams of Banjo is sold here for $140. It is great for grinding into a pre-roll, packing a bowl, and enjoying however you need. 

King’s Crew Offers the Best Cannabis Strains

We are a woman-owned, luxury dispensary that invites you to come in and experience our store. We take our time to help every customer and we offer daily specials and three tiers of quality cannabis: King’s Shelf, Queen’s Shelf, and Jack’s Shelf. All are incredible and fit for royalty. Stop in today to pick up some Banjo, as well as our exquisite Gold Flora pens and flower.


Banjo Cannabis Strain

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