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Strain Overview: Wedding Cake

Strain Overview: Wedding Cake

Hybrid lovers rejoice over the elegant magic of the cannabis strain Wedding Cake. Wedding Cake strain is an immensely popular cannabis strain and also one of the most powerful. With layers of euphoria, tangy flavor profile, and pristine trichomes, this indica-dominant favorite is a mainstay on our royal shelves at King’s Crew in Long Beach, California.

Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Impressive with a lab-tested high of 27% THC and an average of 0.1% CBD, the orange hairs and sticky greens of this strain are a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. If you are one for a mildly psychedelic high and a relaxed cooldown, Wedding Cake is a suitable choice. You don’t even have to propose to anybody to enjoy it.

Wedding Cake Aroma and Taste Features

Despite what the name suggests, Wedding Cake has a sour and tangy palette rather than a saccharine coat. On the exhale, it lends a creaminess to the taste buds, both smooth and sultry. The smoke itself tastes skunky, even harsh upon ignition. The taste profile overall is a nice cakey tang with a silky aftertaste.

The aromatic experience of sweet aroma and earthy aromas gives the buds a terranean, yet doughy scent followed by a sugary olfactory kindness. When lit and enjoyed, Wedding Cake can be stinging and skunky, most likely atavistic qualities from its OG lineage.

What Are The Effects of Wedding Cake?

Since the Wedding Cake strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, people will experience waves of increased cerebral stimulation. It is reported to be “mildly psychedelic” and is shown to make you hyper aware of surroundings, even in tune. After about an hour of an elevated mind, the indica end of the spectrum takes hold, causing deep relaxation and couchlock.

In most cases, the headiness remains, which contributes to intense mindfulness and awareness of body and surroundings, suggesting a meditative and zen-like state. Even if it isn’t medically proven, other people have said it decreases anxiety because of the uplifting qualities of Wedding Cake.

This strain isn’t recommended for an active lifestyle, and more for a writing session, or a gentle and therapeutic day.

What is the THC Content of Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake’s range is anywhere between 19-27% THC, depending on the cultivation. Most Wedding Cake potency is on the higher end and not for beginners. As the CBD level is minimal, the THC has more space to affect the consumer, and doesn’t even out the intensity. It is perfect for the aficionados who want the sugary sweetness and boost of an uplifting strain. Cut yourself a slice of this potent strain.

You can Find The Wedding Cake Strain at King’s Crew Today

As a female-owned, luxurious dispensary, King’s Crew’s knowledgeable staff want to give the most top-shelf experience for first-time or returning guests. Our court is here to treat real people like royalty. Because we focus solely on a cosmopolitan and glitzy milieu, we want to back that by providing the highest quality products too. When you look for Wedding Cake kush, we are your first choice for the best smoking experience.

Here are some items we offer on the menu:

  • Gold Flora Lion’s Cake- 35.58% THC-$45 per 1/8. Gold Flora is our in-store partner brand. Feel prideful and light up this high-THC Lion’s Cake.
  • Korova Wedding Cake-$45 per 1/8. Classic Wedding Cake by a trusted source. Korova’s rendition of Wedding Cake is a pleaser and will give you a wonderful high.
  • Dablogic Wedding Cake Live Rosin Badder-65.95% THC-%52.50 per gram. Concentrate lovers can indulge in Dablogic’s live rosin badder. With your dab rig, it can always be dessert.

Feel free to also look at the full spectrum on our website or in-store.

Why Choose King’s Crew?

Our fantasy has become the reality of Long Beach’s cannabis scene. We are an aesthetically sleek dispensary that goes beyond the norm of the average dispensary. We are a full-service premium shopping experience and have all your favorite brands in stock. Our incredible budtenders will cater to your preferences and you can access any level of cannabis from our reliable Jack Shelf to the showstopping King Shelf. We are open every day from 8am-10pm, have home delivery for orders over $20 dollars, and daily specials and discounts, including 10% off for veterans. We are conveniently located and welcome you to approach the throne here at King’s Crew.

Featured Image: Ruth Black / MWesselPhoto / Shutterstock


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