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The Lowdown on the Cherry Pie Strain

The Cherry Pie strain’s flavors and aromas don’t stray far from its namesake. Ready to give this memorable California strain a try? See all the details in this King’s Crew guide.

Get A Slice of the Cherry Pie Strain

With roots in the Bay Area and the iconic Cookies cultivators, Cherry Pie has won cannabis cups around the U.S. for its flavor, aroma and effects. Here’s why this strain should make its way onto your must-try strains list.

Cherry Pie’s Potency and Cannabinoid Content

Cherry Pie has an average THC content that can vary between as low as 16% THC or as high as 23% THC. This percentage can vary depending on the cultivator and the harvest. CBD, CBN and CBG are also present in small amounts. 

Cherry Pie’s Sweet Terpene Profile

The Cherry Pie strain has a main trio of terpenes consisting of myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene. Myrcene lends herbal notes, while caryophyllene contributes spiciness, and pinene has a woodsy aroma. 

You may also find small amounts of linalool and terpinolene in your flower. Linalool is famous for its floral aroma, while terpinolene contributes some sweet and citrus-like notes.

Careful curing is believed to intensify Cherry Pie’s fruity, floral and earthy notes. 

Cherry Pie Genetics

Cherry Pie is regarded as a well-balanced hybrid crossed between the famous sativa F1 Durban Poison and the well-known indica Granddaddy Purple. 

Cherry Pie Appearance

You can expect smaller buds when you pick up Cherry Pie flower, but don’t be fooled by the size - this flower is dense and resin-heavy, with orange pistols that stand out against the forest green flower. 

What’s The Cherry Pie Strain Experience Like?

If you’re looking to unwind and knock out stress, Cherry Pie may be the right strain for you. Cherry Pie is physically relaxing without powering down your mind. Its relaxing properties, however, may encourage a good nap.

Potential Medical Effects of Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie’s history in the medical cannabis community is years long. This strain won the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014 in the medical sativa category. Medical patients say that they reach for the Cherry Pie strain to help with the symptoms and side effects of a number of conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Chronic pain

Remember, not every person has the same experience with a strain. We recommend sharing your questions or concerns with a medical professional.

Does Cherry Pie Have Side Effects?

Consuming many kinds of cannabis, including the Cherry Pie strain, may cause some dry eyes, dry mouth or the munchies. It’s also not uncommon to trigger anxiety if you consume too much THC in particular. 

If you’re trying Cherry Pie for the first time, we recommend taking it slow and assessing how you feel as you go. This way, you can work to evade undesirable side effects before they develop. Eye drops and some water can be of practical help for dry eyes and dry mouth as well. 

Strains Similar to Cherry Pie

Forbidden Fruit is one of the strains that’s often cited as similar to Cherry Pie. This hybrid crosses Cherry Pie and Tangie, inheriting Cherry Pie’s relaxing effects.

If you’re looking for other strains, you can turn to strains with similar cannabinoid and terpene content to help find a match. You can also check the strain’s lineage for Cherry Pie, which may indicate that the strain has similar effects. But just like all cannabis, this can vary quite significantly, so you may need to experiment until you find the right one.

Shop the Cherry Pie Strain at King’s Crew

Long Beach locals have made King’s Crew their top destination for Cherry Pie and all sorts of fan-favorite strains. Brands like Cruisers Cherry Pie flower at our dispensary make it easy to see why Californians love this hybrid. Just hop down Highway 1 to pick up your Cherry Pie cannabis products, and you’ll be back on the high road in no time.


What Are The Effects Of The Cherry Pie Strain?

Relaxing yet euphoric is the most common description you’ll read when learning about the Cherry Pie strain. This physically relaxing strain may be a good fit if you appreciate a full-body unwind and maybe a good weed nap.

Is The Cherry Pie Strain Good For Sleep?

The Cherry Pie strain isn’t necessarily considered a strain for sleep, but its deeply relaxing properties, which may have stress-busting effects, may cause some folks to nod off. 

Is The Cherry Pie Strain Good For Anxiety?

Many folks say Cherry Pie is a great option for anxiety. If that’s your primary reason for trying cannabis, Cherry Pie may be a good option to explore.

Is Cherry Pie Indica or Sativa?

Cherry Pie is an indica-leaning hybrid.

Is The Cherry Pie Strain Strong?

The Cherry Pie strain is considered a strong one because of its potent effects.

Is Cherry Pie A Cali Strain?

Yes! Cherry Pie’s roots go deep in California, with its origins traced to the Bay Area.

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