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Things to Do in Long Beach CA (And Don’t Forget the Weed!)

Things to Do in Long Beach CA (And Don’t Forget the Weed!)

Looking for things to do in Long Beach CA? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Long Beach has all that you’re looking for. It’s the ideal getaway for a sunny, fun-filled vacation. With its thriving food, art, music, and water sports scene, Long Beach is a traveler’s delight. Just 20 miles from downtown LA, Long Beach is home to the famous Queen Mary ship and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Countless other attractions dot the city’s streets, keeping people of all ages interested. 

With bicycle-friendly streets, Long Beach has a variety of cool restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and vintage stores. The summer months from June to September are ideal for a beachy vacation, while fall, winter, and spring are also lovely if you are okay avoiding the water. The weather is never too hot or cold. 

We’ve compiled a list of favorite things to do in Long Beach — from sun-kissed mornings at the beach to evenings spent at romantic restaurants — that’ll make you fall in love with the city. All of this and more can be enjoyed while indulging in some of California’s finest and legal cannabis products available at Long Beach’s very own King’s Crew

So pack your bags, grab some sunscreen and drive on down to LBC (Long Beach, California) for a relaxed and fun-filled adventure!

Stuff to Do in Long Beach 

The city of Long Beach is located between California’s Orange and LA counties. It’s a coastal city with dozens of beaches and countless watersports activities. There is so much to do here, good weather, and relaxed vibes that you’ll never want to leave. 

If you’re culturally inclined, you’ll love it here. Long Beach has its own art month, where 31 days of October are spent exploring and appreciating all kinds of artists in the city. This is the time when the city explodes with creativity in music, visual art, cinema, sculpture, photography, crafts, and so on. Art events and workshops pop up weekly, with the East Village Arts District hosting several get-togethers and festivals. We recommend you make the best of your art festival experience by picking up some of California’s best cannabis products from King’s Crew.

Long Beach also has many music festivals of its own, platforming impressive local talent and drawing in amazing musicians from all over the country. The Long Beach Jazz Festival is an outdoor waterfront event featuring incredible blues and jazz artists. Long Beach Pride, similarly, brings in a long list of A-listers.

You can plan your trip to LBC to coincide with these amazing events. Even if you’re coming down to the city for a quick getaway, read on to find out what will make your trip truly memorable. 

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Long Beach 

Long Beach is a culinary paradise. Hundreds of restaurants are scattered all around town, each better than the last. Long Beach is incredibly exciting for a night of bar hopping too.

Here are some highly-rated restaurants and bars where you can experience the best Californian produce, cooking, and cocktails. 

The Attic On Broadway

This is a famous brunch spot in town. The setting and food are very Instagrammable and people love eating here with their friends and family. The restaurant boasts some traditional dishes like St. Louis Cut Ribs and also experimental cult favorites like their MacNCheetos. 


Located inside Hotel Maya, Fuego has an excellent food and beverage menu. It’s a unique experience to dine here, enjoying delicious food and drinks while looking at the gorgeous ocean right beside you. 

The Ordinarie

The Ordinarie is a visually stunning tavern. It serves delicious comfort foods like pot pie, mussels, salmon, and short ribs and has an amazing collection of spirits and draft beer.


If you’re in the mood for some eastern Mediterranean meal, Ammatoli serves fusion food inspired by the cuisines of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine. 

District Wine

This bar and lounge serves finger food to go along with its exquisite collection of wine and beer. The charcuterie and cheese plate is a lovely accompaniment to their wines. 

Enjoy the Outdoors in Long Beach 

You can’t visit Long Beach and stay indoors all the time. Most of the amazing things the city has to offer are outdoors. Long Beach is an idler’s dream from beautiful beaches to gorgeous shorelines. If nothing else, simply walking around the city, sitting by the serene sea, and taking in briny air can make your entire day worthwhile.

Here are some other outdoor adventures you’re sure to enjoy. 

Walk The Beaches

With miles and miles of coastline, you can easily spend an entire day walking on the beach and exploring all that Long Beach has to offer. Start from Alamitos Beach in the center of the city and work your way down to Belmont Shore.

Other beaches to visit:

  • Rosie’s Dog Beach
  • Long Beach City Beach
  • Peninsula Beach

You can also join a walking tour where knowledgeable guides will show you around different parts of the beach and tell you all about the area’s history, culture, and ecology.

The beaches attract all kinds of people. Some like to grab a chair, sunbathe, and read all day, while others enjoy playing volleyball or frisbee on the sand. 

Hire A Duffy

A Duffy boat ride around Alamitos Bay and through the canals of Long Beach is an absolute must-do. You can hire a boat through one of the many rental agencies.

A Duffy is pretty large and usually takes a group of people together on these tours. You can carry your own snacks and drinks to make the most of the trip. Many agencies also take food and wine orders in advance and provide you with a nice meal onboard.  

Visit Naples

Nicknamed ‘Venice of America’, Naples is a small island neighborhood reminiscent of a typical Italian town. The neighborhood has water canals running through it which makes its resemblance to Venice complete. You will find gondolas here that will take you on a ride through the canals. You’ll also find many beautiful Italian restaurants and bars.

Go Kayaking Or Paddleboarding

With so much coastline, it would be a shame not to get out on the water and explore. You can go kayaking or paddleboarding at many different locations.

Alamitos Bay is one of the best places for beginners. The flat waters make it easy to maneuver, and there are plenty of things to see. You can also go kayaking at Marine Stadium, Rainbow Harbor, and the Long Beach Shoreline Marina.

Likewise, the waters around Belmont Shore are pretty calm, so you can rent kayaks and sail out into the ocean. You can even take your kayak through the canals of Naples. This is an easy and quiet way to get on the water without straining too much. 

Cycle Around Belmont Shore

The Belmont Shore is full of cute little restaurants, art displays, live music, and shops that you can explore as you walk or cycle about. The beach path along the ocean is also really lovely. You can take a walk along the water or relax on the warm sand and watch the sun sink into the sea.

Go On A Whale-Watching Cruise

Long Beach has several cruises that will take you out on the water to spot humpback whales, dolphins, seals, gray whales, and orcas. Harbor Breeze Cruises offers splendid yacht charters and cruises into the heart of the sea to spot exotic sea creatures and take in all the wonderful views. 

Visit Shoreline Village

Shoreline Village is a great spot to hang out, eat at good restaurants, shop, bike around, and take romantic walks. Its lanes are full of small souvenir stalls, ice cream joints, trinket shops, and old carousels that you can ride on. You can also rent jet skis and boats on the marina and go out into the ocean to get some adrenaline pumping. 

Walk Around Rainbow Harbor

Rainbow Harbor is one of the most beautiful places in Long Beach. It’s a great place to take a leisurely stroll, relax on the grass, and enjoy the stunning views of the harbor and cityscape. You can also hop on the Aqualink water taxi and tour around Rainbow Harbor. The ferry will take you to different docks where you can disembark and explore the area.

Sites to See in Long Beach CA 

Long Beach has many famous sites that define the city and are a must-see on everyone’s vacation plans. None of these are too touristy, and they’re all in keeping with the city’s overall relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. 

Queen Mary

The top attraction in Long Beach – Queen Mary – is a ship that was active between the 1930s and the 1960s. Today, it is permanently docked in Long Beach and is home to several restaurants and hotels, with guided tours on the vessel.

Many consider the ship haunted, so an overnight stay is most recommended if you dare! Murder mystery dinner shows, Sunday brunches, night markets, and festivals are staple events on the ship.

Aquarium Of The Pacific

The aquarium showcases a variety of marine life, both common and rare. You’ll find penguins, stingrays, and much more! This is a great spot to take children who are sure to be blown away by the amazing variety of sea animals they can see here. Not to mention the shark lagoon where you can touch sharks! The kids will love it.

Long Beach Museum Of Art

The museum has a great collection of art, both modern and classic. They have exhibitions that change regularly, so there’s always something new to see. They also have an excellent event program that includes concerts, poetry readings, and book signings.

El Dorado Nature Center

This is a 105-acre natural park that features gorgeous trails by lakes, streams, and forest areas. It also has an educational center and art gallery that help tourists better understand the local flora and fauna. 

Lion’s Lighthouse

It’s an iconic lighthouse named after the Lions Club that works to eradicate blindness worldwide. It was once used to guide ships into the harbor but is now largely a decorative and picturesque tourist spot where you can picnic and take pictures. 

Grand Prix

The Long Beach Grand Prix is a world-renowned race that takes place in April each year. At the races, you can find fast cars, amazing food, music gigs, and a whole lot of fun. Make sure to plan your trip to LBC around April to catch the Grand Prix races. 

Burns Miller Japanese Garden

One of the things that makes Long Beach so special is its diversity. The city has a rich history, and this is reflected in its many different neighborhoods and cultural attractions. One such attraction is the Miller Japanese Garden.

The garden was built in memory of Mrs. Loraine Miller Collins’ late husband and dedicated in April 1981. The 1.3-acre space took three years to plan before landscape architect Edward R. Lovell was chosen to oversee its construction in cooperation with California State University Long Beach.

Long Beach Artwalk

The Long Beach Artwalk is held every second Saturday of each month in the East Village Arts District. You can explore over 30 galleries and studios and enjoy live music and performance art. This is a great way to spend a day if you’re interested in the arts scene in Long Beach.

Nightlife in Long Beach CA 

With California State University nearby, Long Beach is a favorite for many young people who visit to party at its many nightclubs and bars. From the Belmont Shore to the Downtown area, a wide variety of options exist. 


Alegria is a Latin dance club that features all kinds of music from bachata and salsa to hip hop and rap. It hosts DJ performances as well as live dance and music acts. 

Blind Donkey

Featured in the Oscar-nominated film, La La Land, this whiskey bar is tons of fun. It has video games, pool tables, and karaoke nights. Their alcohol is world-class, especially their very popular Old Fashioned.


Sevilla is a popular dance club that offers dance lessons on Wednesdays. From EDM, Latin music, hip-hop, techno, and reggaeton, you can expect to hear it all at Sevilla. The club is connected to a restaurant of the same name which is also very popular for its authentic Mexican food. 


Gaslamp hosts many local live music cover bands. On Thursdays, for example, it hosts country music nights and on Fridays you can jive to 80’s live music.

Agaves Ultra Lounge

Probably the poshest place in town, Agaves has bottle service and different rooms featuring different music. You can choose where you want to hang out based on the kind of music you like. 

Shannon’s At The Top

This is a multi-purpose space that is used to host both public and private events. A permanent fixture on its calendar is the Saturday night dance club called Club Mood. It also hosts an R&B party every week with people dancing to the best of old-school music. 

The Laugh Factory 

The world famous Laugh Factory hosts stand-up comedy and improv shows at Long Beach Thursday through Sunday nights. Apart from hosting some of stand-up comedy’s very best artists, the place also offers banquet halls and smaller VIP rooms for private events. 

The Harbour 

The Harbour is one of Long Beach’s most famous community bars located at Pine Ave. It is the perfect place to spend your evenings at Long Beach, socializing with the locals over karaoke nights and special NBA/NFL watch along parties. 


Enjoy All that California Has to Offer 

All of these fine activities would be incomplete without indulging in some of California’s finest cannabis products. To give you an idea of an ideal day in Long Beach, here are a few perfect pairings:

  • Grab a pre-roll from us before heading to the Long Beach Antique Market. Stroll through the market, enjoying your high and looking at all of the different things on sale. Afterward, head over to one of the many Long Beach waterfront dining options for lunch and enjoy a delicious meal with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Treat yourself to a delicious edible and spend the afternoon strolling along one of the many walking trails by the water. The fresh air and exercise will do you good, and the weed will enhance your experience.
  • Grab your new vape cart and relax at Shoreline Aquatic Park or Downtown Long Beach. Kick it up a notch and go on one of the many whale watching tours offered.
  • Grab some flower on the go, ride along one of the many bike paths, and stop by some of the local art galleries. The combination of physical activity and cannabis is sure to give you a great high.

There are endless things to do in Long Beach, and we at King’s Crew hope that you have a great time doing them all!

Thankfully, we have everything you might need to make your Long Beach trip a total success. With a wide range of products, your options are limitless. You can choose from our many different strains of indica, sativa, and hybrid weed, all of which are top-quality and sure to give you the best high possible. And if you’re not a fan of smoking, we also have a variety of edibles for you to try.

View our menu today and see for yourself what we have to offer! We can’t wait to serve you.

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