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Types of Cannabis Guide

Types of Cannabis Guide

Are you new to the world of cannabis? With our handy guide to the different types of cannabis, you’ll be shopping for – and enjoying – it like a true cannabis connoisseur.

One of the most significant benefits of a cannabis-infused lifestyle is the wide variety of options you can choose from. Cannabis is a plant packed with potential and grows in a diverse range of varieties. Different cannabis strain types can lead to widely varying experiences, so knowing what to look for is key to achieving your perfect sense of wellness.

When you visit the King’s Crew dispensary in Long Beach, our friendly team is always here to help you decide which cannabis types are right for you. But until we see you next time, here’s a useful reference that breaks down everything you need to know about the different kinds of cannabis and what makes each one unique.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis?

With such a massive variety of strains out there, even beginning to classify them can be challenging. But first, what is a cannabis strain? Essentially, a strain is a specific breed of cannabis. Each cannabis strain can deliver its specialized list of effects, and you’ll find that most seasoned consumers have at least a few tried-and-true strains.

Most cannabis experts agree that the different strains of cannabis can generally be broken down into three main categories: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Also, there are 1:1 blends that offer a balanced CBD ratio to THC (more on those later).

Some sources argue that these labels can oversimplify the diverse cannabis types, but our team believes that the three cannabis categories can be a useful starting point.

The characteristics that we use to define sativa, indica, and hybrid strains are essential to understand because this information will be what you use to choose a type that aligns with your needs. And although there can still be considerable variances under each of the three main “umbrellas,” strains within each category usually share more similarities than differences.

Sativa Cannabis Strains

Although there’s a consumer for virtually every strain, sativa strains often seem to be among the most popular. Most people report that sativa strains produce an uplifting, cerebral experience, with many consumers opting to pair these varieties with social gatherings, physical exercise, or creative endeavors.

Sativa-dominant strains tend to contain higher CBD levels, a cannabinoid that consumers often associate with an increase in focus, mild energy boost, and relief from symptoms of depression. Some of King’s Crew sativa favorites are Banjo and Blackberry Sour.

Indica Cannabis Strains

For the consumer seeking a relaxing, physically-sedating effect, indica strains can be a good option. For most individuals, indica strains are preferred as a bedtime nightcap or as a way to wind down after a busy day.

Typically, THC is the dominant cannabinoid in indica strains. This cannabinoid is generally reported to have sedative effects, relieving pain and stimulating appetite. Some of our favorite indica strains available at our dispensary include Wedding Cake and Maven’s Cherry Gas.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Hybrid strains can be an effective route to experience the best of both worlds, or in this case, both strain types. Combining indica and sativa effects, hybrid strains are often described as a balanced, middle-ground option with broad appeal.

Among the top hybrid strains for sale in Long Beach at King’s Crew include 805 Glue and Wedding Crashers.

1:1 Strains

A 1:1 strain contains a relatively equal ratio of CBD and THC, two of the primary cannabinoids (“active ingredients”) in cannabis. These strains have been very carefully bred to bring out the best in both cannabinoids by achieving a relatively balanced concentration of each, which results in an experience that many consumers are happy with.

Although there is still a considerable amount of research to be done as to why 1:1 strains appear to be such an excellent option for so many, the community as a whole has provided plenty of positive feedback. Many consumers have reported that the 1:1 CBD to THC ratio helps balance out any side effects they may have experienced with other strain types.

Best Cannabis in Long Beach at King’s Crew

King’s Crew is a one-of-a-kind boutique dispensary located in Long Beach, catering to discerning consumers that want to elevate their cannabis experience. With our carefully-curated selection of premium cannabis, including a well-rounded mix of indica, sativa, hybrids, and more, you can explore the full spectrum of the very best in the industry. From our relaxed and contemporary space to our hospitable team of experts, King’s Crew is the Long Beach dispensary to rule them all.

Learn more about how to find the best types of cannabis to suit your ideal experience, lifestyle, and more by visiting our dispensary in Long Beach today.

Featured Image: HBRH / Shutterstock

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