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What Is Dabbing?

What Is Dabbing?

There are numerous ways to use cannabis products here in Long Beach, including smoking joints, inhaling vapors, consuming various edibles like cookies, brownies, gummies, and one you may have never heard of: dabbing. What is dabbing, exactly, and is this an option for all legal-age adults? Maybe! It takes a little work to master this technique, so let’s dive into the methodology behind dabbing to understand what makes it work differently than other methods.

What Exactly Is Dabbing?

If you’ve never heard of dabbing, it’s good to have a solid understanding of what the method entails. A “dab” is a small bit of cannabis that has been highly concentrated into a resin-like substance. This cannabis resin or wax is usually extracted and concentrated THC or CBD oil. Cannabis THC products are the most common. The person using the dab will put it on a “dab rig,” which is basically a bong used for the sole purpose of dabbing. He or she will then heat the dab by using a blowtorch. The resulting vapor that is inhaled contains a lot of THC.

Hopefully, you can see that dabbing may take some practice, and because you’re going to be using a blow torch and inhaling the vapor in a way that you may not have before, you’re going to have to use extra caution when trying this method of getting your dose of THC. It’s best to read up on the practice before trying it yourself to make sure that you’re doing it safely and responsibly.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dabbing?

Dabbing can be intimidating to newcomers, and even those who have smoked cannabis for years may resist trying this method simply because of its novelty. There is some concern among scientists that dabbing is not as safe as other methods of cannabis consumption or inhalation, but it remains popular among the marijuana community. Below are listed a few pros and cons of dabbing. You’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Pros Of Dabbing

Dabbing can result in a powerful, swift high that smoking and consuming edibles can’t reproduce. For this reason, many people who have been active in cannabis culture for a long time enjoy experimenting with dabbing. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its drawbacks: It may not be safe for everybody, especially those who are inexperienced or those who do not understand their “baseline” level of high. To try dabbing, it may be a good idea to know how you usually react to cannabis products, including those with a high level of THC, before you try this new method.

In addition to its strong psychoactive effects, dabbing has started a trend of activism in the youngest members of the cannabis community. Because it’s a relatively new method, many young people are using their cannabis this way. Cannabis is not legal for recreational use in most states, so those who love dabbing are very motivated to get this legislation passed. This has lead to renewed interest in learning about dabbing, cannabis, and the overall culture for many people.

Cons Of Dabbing

Inhaling concentrated THC vapor can come with a few downsides. The first may be that if you are especially sensitive to cannabis, or a newcomer to cannabis in general or younger, this intense hit of THC may be too much for your body to process at first. This can lead to uncomfortable side effects like agitation and restlessness — or your brain may just feel a bit mushy!

As more and more people, including younger individuals, try dabbing, it’s important to understand that dabbing is not for everyone. It’s best to understand your unique tolerance for cannabis and THC levels before you start. In other words, you may want to rethink dabbing as your introduction to cannabis. You may know people who dab all the time and prefer this method, but remember that they may have experimented for a long time before finding their perfect method. Enjoying cannabis responsibly and working your way up to higher concentrations is always better than beginning with an uncomfortable experience.

What Are Some Things to Consider Before Trying Dabbing?

The THC concentrations of dabs can vary, and it’s difficult to know how much actual THC your dabs may contain. A one-gram joint in Long Beach contains about 90 milligrams of THC, which means you will inhale about 10 milligrams every time you inhale. A dab of cannabis resin that’s about 20 milligrams will result in roughly the same type of high. 

As always, if you’re trying a new method of cannabis consumption, inhalation, or ingestion, it’s best to start as small as possible. After you’ve established what you can handle and how the new method affects you — because each method may be stronger or weaker depending on the preparation and the person using it — then you can start scaling up and experimenting more if you wish to do so.

What Is The Process for Dabbing?

Before your first dabbing experience, you will need to collect the items you need beforehand. Because you use the items together, it’s best to have everything on hand and ready. Try to gather at least the following items:

  • A blow torch
  • Cannabis resin, oil, or wax for your dab
  • A bong, pipe, or another item like a hot nail or a quartz banger that can function as a dab rig
  • A carb cap to regulate airflow
  • A timer to ensure consistent heating of every dab (this is optional, but you may want to regulate your process if you feel that you’ve perfected it!)

You will first portion out your dab. This first dab will look tiny — maybe the size of a crumb. Don’t be fooled: It packs a mighty punch. Then, you will turn on your torch and heat up the nail. Let the nail cool for a bit before applying your dab (try for 45 seconds, at least if you’re using quartz). After it’s slightly cooler, you may start inhaling. Make sure to cover the dab with a carb cap at this point to better portion out the airflow.

For extended reading about carb caps, here’s a tutorial on the little instruments and a lengthy explanation of why it’s essential to cap your dabs. Though you can buy most of these products, including carb caps, on places like Amazon (and all around the internet), it’s best to purchase materials of high quality to ensure that nothing interferes with the safety of your dabbing experience.

Get In Touch with King’s Krew in Long Beach, CA

You may have a lot of questions about dabbing if the process and methodology are new to you. Additionally, there might be products or materials listed here that you aren’t sure how to locate or use correctly. We can help! Dabbing, like smoking and rolling joints, is a little bit art and a little bit science. If you have questions regarding cannabis, materials, or trying your first dab, be sure to visit King’s Crew in Long Beach today to learn more great information and become part of our community.

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