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Cannabis Concentrates Long Beach, CA

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Cannabis Concentrates Overview

Versatile, convenient, and available in a diverse range of options, cannabis concentrates have quickly become a staple for those pursuing a cannabis-enhanced lifestyle.

As the name suggests, concentrates are a highly potent, concentrated form of cannabis that provides an exceptionally rich profile of THC and other desirable cannabinoids. Industry innovators have developed a variety of extraction and production methods, opening the door to an impressive array of concentrate types. Appreciated for their elevated cannabinoid content, flavors, and aromas, cannabis concentrates can be an ideal match for new and experienced consumers alike.

At the King’s Crew Dispensary in Long Beach, cannabis concentrates are just one part of our extensive selection of premium products.

King’s Crew Long Beach

Shop top-quality cannabis brands at our recreational dispensary location in Long Beach and express order in minutes for delivery or pickup.

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Buy Cannabis Concentrates in Long Beach, CA

Our expert team has curated a superior collection of concentrates from the industry’s leading brands and cultivators, simplifying your dispensary shopping experience and putting a plethora of first-class options within easy reach.

Here, you can explore many different types of cannabis concentrates, including:

  • Distillate and pre-filled vape cartridges
  • Live resin
  • Budder
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
  • Sauce
  • Diamonds
  • Hash
  • Badder

Different Types of THC Concentrates


Shatter falls into the category of BHO (butane hash oil) concentrates, meaning it was extracted via a process that utilizes butane as the primary solvent. It is named for its delicate, glass-like texture, which closely resembles hard candy.


As you would expect, cannabis wax has a dense, waxy consistency. Usually a warm, golden hue and fairly opaque, wax is sometimes slightly granular. It’s usually paired with a dab rig but can also be enjoyed via “twaxing” (as an addition to flower before smoking).


Whether you know it as budder, badder, or batter, this concentrate is easy to spot due to its smooth, almost whipped consistency. There can be small variances in different types of budder/badder/batter, but they are all similarly potent.

Resin & Rosin

This sticky, highly potent concentrate boasts an impressive terpene profile, primarily because it is made using flash-frozen cannabis. The main difference in comparing resin vs. rosin is that resin is made with solvents, while rosin is produced without.


Crystalline (also called THC crystals or diamonds) is the purest form of concentrate available, consisting entirely of a single cannabinoid (THCA, CBDA, or CBD).


Also called THC oil, distillate has a thick texture reminiscent of honey and is extremely potent – you need only a minuscule drop to reap its benefits. Distillates are a favorite choice for cannabis vape enthusiasts because there are many options for pre-loaded vape pens and cartridges containing high-quality distillate.


Cannabis Concentrates FAQs

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