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King’s Crew offers some of the best top-shelf cannabis flower products in the Long Beach, CA area. We only work with extremely reputable companies to provide our customers with the highest quality flower. We offer Sativa, Indica, and hybrid flower at our dispensary!

Even as edibles and cannabis concentrates surge in popularity, the traditional flower is still the top seller at Long Beach dispensaries. Buying flower is the most classic way to enjoy the plant, and there are several ways to enjoy it once you get it home. Roll it into a joint, pack some into a glass pipe, vaporize it, or even cook with it. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy this plant, and there’s no shortage of different strains to explore.

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Buy Top-Shelf Cannabis Flower in Long Beach, CA

Here at Kings Crew, we offer a wide selection of flower at our Long Beach dispensary. Our cannabis experts are here to help you pick out the best strain for your style. Stop by today or place your order online for maximum convenience.

Many of the best cannabis growers in the world live right here in California, which means you can find plenty of premium cannabis strains at your local dispensary in Long Beach. You’ll find all kinds of different strains on our dispensary menu here at King’s Crew, and all of them represent the highest quality around. Learn more about what makes our cannabis flower special, then explore all of the options to find a strain that appeals to you.

Cannabis Flower FAQs

How to Find Premium Cannabis Flower

When you first start shopping for cannabis, it can be hard to tell what makes a strain really special. Once you’ve seen a few different options, though, you’ll get a better sense of what to look for. First, you should choose a strain that has a powerful smell because this indicates a healthy terpene profile. The plant should look good, too. Expect to see healthy, vibrant plant material that’s coated with lots of shiny trichomes (the little crystals on cannabis). Lots of trichomes are a sign of lots of cannabinoids.

What are the Different Cannabis Strains and Their Effects?

One of the greatest mysteries about cannabis is that each strain seems to produce its unique effects. Even if two strains have the same THC and CBD levels, one might make you feel excited and giggly while the other makes you feel sleepy and hungry. We used to chalk this up to a strain being an indica, sativa, or hybrid. We’ve realized that the subtle nuances between different cannabis strains go much deeper than those in recent years. It’s still helpful to know about those three broad categories of flower, though, especially if you’re relatively new to the cannabis experience.

What are the types of Cannabis Flower?

Every cannabis strain has its own unique cannabinoids and terpene profile, so no two are exactly alike. Even plants that come from the same seeds can be different depending on how they’re grown. Still, it can be helpful to start by thinking about cannabis as belonging to one of three general types:

1. Sativa Strains – These types of cannabis flower are associated with energy, happiness, and a sense of being uplifted. This makes them popular choices for earlier in the day, especially among people who still want to be productive or active. People normally choose sativa strains when they’re on their way to a social setting, an outdoor activity, or some type of creative pursuit.

2. Indica Strains – People often choose these strains at night. Indica strains are associated with feelings of mental and physical relaxation, appealing to many people at the end of a long day. You might look for a strain in this category if you’re planning to relax on the couch, eat some snacks, watch TV, and call it a night.

3. Hybrid Strains – Everything that doesn’t qualify as either a pure indica strain or pure sativa strain is technically considered a hybrid. Some hybrids might be more similar to indicas or sativas, while some are very well balanced. The more balanced nature of these strains makes them appealing to a lot of people.

What are Cannabinoids & Terpenes?

In recent years, we’ve learned that cannabinoids and terpenes’ exact profile may be more important than whether a plant is technically an indica, sativa, or hybrid. We’ve learned that a plant’s status as an Indica or Sativa has more to do with how it grows than it does with the effects it produces. To get into the weeds about why some strains have such different effects, you’ll have to learn about the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a theory that the cannabinoids in your favorite cannabis strain will behave differently depending on the entourage of terpenes they bring with them. Terpenes are natural compounds that give plants their unique smells and flavors (think of essential oils). Besides giving a strain its unique scent, the terpenes may affect your experience after smoking a certain strain.

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