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Cannabis Vaporizers Long Beach, CA

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Cannabis Vaporizers Overview

Whether you know them as vaporizers, vapes, weed pens, vape pens, or any one of the many other names, all cannabis vapes share a single defining characteristic: they turn cannabis flower or concentrate into a fluffy cloud of vapor to be inhaled and enjoyed.

Many cannabis enthusiasts are switching from smoking to vaping, finding that they prefer the added convenience, discretion, and versatility of this smoke-free option. Others opt for vaping when they’re on the go, reserving smoking for home or social gatherings.

When you shop at King’s Crew Dispensary in Long Beach, you’ll find a broad range of cannabis vape products to choose from.

Buy Cannabis Vaporizers & Cartridges in Long Beach, CA

King’s Crew carries an extensive selection of premium cannabis products, including pre-filled vape cartridges and disposable vapes. We hand-pick items from the industry’s most reputable and innovative brands so that you are able to shop a curated collection of products you can be confident you’ll love.

As you browse our selection of cannabis vapes for sale in Long Beach, you can explore a myriad of strains, cannabinoid concentration levels, and flavor profiles – we truly have a vape to suit every mood, occasion, and preference.

What is a Cannabis Vaporizer?

A cannabis vaporizer is an electronic device that heats cannabis flower or concentrates to a specific temperature (about 356-374 degrees Fahrenheit), at which point the active cannabinoids and terpenes transform into a cloud-like vapor.

There are many different types of cannabis vaporizers, which we’ll cover in detail below. Depending on the device you choose, you may have precise control over various factors, such as temperature.

When you compare vaping vs. smoking cannabis, there are a few benefits that typically attract consumers:

  • Vaping activates many of the desirable terpenes and minor cannabinoids in flower, whereas smoking tends to burn those off (thus making them inaccessible).
  • Because vaping produces vapor, not smoke, it can be an ideal option for anyone that prefers to avoid smoking due to health or personal reasons.
  • Small, handheld vape devices can offer a discreet consumption method that’s perfect for when you’re traveling or on the go.

Types of Cannabis Cartridges & Vapes

When you hear about cannabis vapes, people almost always refer to portable devices such as vape pens. There are tabletop vaporizers, but they tend to be far less common.

Portable cannabis vapes can come in a few forms, including:

  • Dry herb vaporizers (for use with loose flower)
  • Dab pens/vapes (for concentrates and waxy oils)
  • E-liquid vapes (for cannabis e-juice and thinner oils)
  • Disposable or reusable vape pens paired with pre-filled cannabis cartridges (loaded with cannabis oil or distillate)

If you prefer dry cannabis flower, then you’ll want to invest in a high-quality vape device that is compatible. However, a growing number of consumers are prioritizing convenience and choosing cannabis vape pens and cartridges instead.

Generally, the biggest decision you’ll make when shopping for a vape pen is whether you want a reusable or disposable vape:

  • A reusable cannabis vape pen consists of a battery portion, which you attach to cartridges filled with concentrate.
  • A disposable (all-in-one) cannabis vape comprises both the battery and pre-filled cartridge but is designed to be a single-use product that you toss once empty.

King’s Crew Long Beach

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